The Book


Inside Her Pretty Little Head looks in-depth at the female target audience and the huge opportunities that can be realised when sectors and brands are analysed through the lens of female motivation and need. It provides an inspiring and plain-speaking guide to:


  • The differences between men and women in motivation, decision making, and information processing
  • The composition and character of successful female brands
  • The female purchasing process and media networks
  • The creative work that appeals to women
  • Shaping corporate culture in order to better realise the female opportunity

This book has been published now as a paperback in Polish, Slovakian and Complex Chinese.



Your book is an oasis of scientific insight in the desert of political correctness where Adam was meant to be the same as Eve. Harnessing new learnings about how the brain works you have created a toolkit for orientating a brand around the dynamics of the female brain that is the first important new marketing concept of the 21st century. I hope all my rivals don’t read it.

Robin Wight; Chairperson; The Engine Group



Anyone (and that should be everyone) who recognises the huge commercial opportunity that women represent should read this book.

Claire Enders Founder and Chairperson; Enders Analysis



Tragically, women now make 80% of all purchasing decisions - many of them unsupervised. This alarming fact may explain why it is now almost impossible to buy a decent pair of stout boots or an ounce of pipe tobacco in Tunbridge Wells without being forced to walk past about 47 tawdry shops dedicated to the sale of frocks, gloves and needless fancy goods. Yet, as though this weren't quite bad enough, the dainty Mrs. Cunningham and Roberts suggest that the nation's womenfolk could be buying even more, were marketers and their advertising agents not in the grip of something they call "outdated masculine thinking" (they even assert that agencies' time-honoured tools such as the USP and the "short, witty headline" are wasted upon the fairer sex). Despite these outlandish claims, this is a surprisingly concise and lucid book, in a pleasing dust-jacket from which my wife has fashioned some rather fetching tablemats. I would send your secretary to buy a copy straight away - though do beware! If there's a shoe shop near the bookshop, she'll be gone for hours.

Rather worryingly, the two authoresses have recently been advising our Mr. Cameron, which may explain why my local Conservative Club has just sprouted bloody windchimes.



Rory Sutherland; Chairman of Ogilvy

Our new book The Daring Book for Boys in Business is now available. This book specifically aims at companies and categories comfortable and successful at targeting men but now want to engage female customers.

It asks why it is that in sectors as valuable telecoms, financial services, consumer electronics, cars, technology, gaming and utilities that women consistently report low levels of interest. It offers a step by step guide to those companies wishing to include women in their audience, but worry about leaving their male customers behind.