What we do


All businesses wishing to thrive in the 21st century are turning their attention to the increasing influence of women - socially, politically and of course economically.


Understanding women – both as an internal and an external audience - is now a vital ingredient for managing successful businesses.


PrettyLittleHead is a research based strategic consultancy that helps businesses who - now more than ever - need to find new and better ways of engaging women, either as employees or as customers.


Our clients tend to be people who have seen the light about the female opportunity. They see that women are changing; they see world changing as women come to the fore; they know that women have more spending power; they want to reach out to the female market and to bring more women into their organisations to help them do that.


We work with businesses unused to targeting women or businesses that have – for some reason - become disconnected with their female audience. And, of course, we work with businesses that are very confident and experienced in targeting women but feel the need for some new or fresh thinking around the female audience for a particular project.


Our work is based on a two-year study into the nature of femininity, and the brands that have particular traction with the female audience. Our book Inside Her Pretty Little Head was published in 2006.


Inside Her Pretty Little Head book

“Cunningham and Roberts have not only created an enjoyable, and deeply absorbing book, but they have also opened up a whole new area for marketers that is sure to stimulate debate and lead to the re-evaluation of existing marketing models and approaches.


For men and women alike, this is the ‘must read‘ marketing title of the year
so far.”

The Marketer (The Chartered Institute of Marketing)


The Daring Book for Boys in Business book

Our new book The Daring Book for Boys in Business is now available. This book specifically aims at companies and categories comfortable and successful at targeting men but now want to engage female customers.


It asks why it is that in sectors as valuable telecoms, financial services, consumer electronics, cars, technology, gaming and utilities that women consistently report low levels of interest. It offers a step by step guide to those companies wishing to include women in their audience, but worry about leaving their male customers behind.