Pretty Little Head is a research based consultancy with a specialism in helping businesses find new and engaging ways of connecting with a female audience.

Who we are

Jane Cunningham & Philippa Roberts

Pretty Little Head was founded almost fifteen years ago by Jane Cunningham and Philippa Roberts. Jane and Philippa are the authors of two widely acclaimed books on marketing to women: Inside Her Pretty Little Head and The Daring Book for Boys in Business. Between them, they have over twenty years of experience in researching and understanding the female audience.

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Latest work

Our new research

We’ve spent our time as Pretty Little Head helping clients target women more effectively by re-moulding the received wisdoms in marketing. This year we’re focusing on the new normal that's emerging post 'femvertising' and the #MeToo movement.

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A different approach

Qualitative Research

Our specialism at PrettyLittleHead is conducting research with women in a way that brings the things that matter to them to the fore. Whilst every research project is different and every proposal we put together is tailored to the task, we do have a set of principles that underline all our methodologies designed to bring out these preferences and priorities.

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Our thinking

The Books

"Cunningham and Roberts have not only created an enjoyable and deeply absorbing book but they have opened up a whole new area for marketers that is sure to stimulate debate and lead to the reappraisal of existing models and approaches. For men and women alike this is the must read title of the year" The Chartered Institute of Marketing

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Applying our thinking

Workshops, Consultancy, and Speeches

Our decade long research study has allowed us to develop a series of tools, processes and methods that codify our understanding of women, and which we can employ to help businesses who want to get better at understanding them too. All our projects are put together as tailored answers to a particular brief. They range from one-off speeches designed to provoke new thinking, to audience-immersion sessions, through to long-term re-positioning and product development programmes.

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Our Clients

Who we work with

Over the last ten years, we've been lucky enough to work with a brilliant range of different clients. Much of our work is in traditionally female categories for clients looking for new insight or innovative ways of connecting with their audience, but many of our projects are for brands and businesses who operate in historically-masculine markets who are now seeking ways to engage with the female audience.

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