The Books

Inside Her Pretty Little Head looks in-depth at the female target audience and the huge opportunities that can be realised when sectors and brands are analysed through the lens of female motivation and need. It proposes new approaches in five key areas of marketing:

The differences between men and women in motivation, decision making, and information processing

The composition and character of successful female brands

The female purchasing process and media networks

Communication that appeals to women

Shaping corporate culture in order to better realise the female opportunity


The Daring Books for Boys in Business

This book is specifically aimed at companies and categories who are comfortable and successful at targeting men - but who now want to engage female customers.

It asks (and explains) why it is that in sectors as valuable telecoms, financial services, consumer electronics, cars, technology, gaming and utilities that women consistently report lower levels of interest. And it offers a step by step guide to brand and communications development for those companies who wish to include women in their audience, without creating distance with their male customers.