We love working with all brands and businesses who - like us - like finding new ways of engaging with an audience of women. We've been lucky enough to work with many of the great leading organisations - Unilever, P and G, The Cabinet Office, The Conservative Party, Tesco - as well as lots of younger and newer businesses like Notonthehightstreet, Very.co.uk, and Boden. We are gold standard accredited project leads for Unilever in qualitative research. Most recently, we developed the theoretical framework and research programme for the Unilever brand team culminating in the Unstereotype campaign launched in Cannes by Keith Weed.
We are really proud of our work on an ongoing basis with Bourne Leisure across all their brands and with Tesco across its portfolio of products and services. And we love working with communications agencies who often ask us to help with pitches, projects and to provide inspiration to unlock new creative territories when targeting women.
Our work around corporate culture and developing organisations to help make them more conducive to women has given us an opportunity to work with Transport for London, Opportunity Now and BlackRock. We are very happy to discuss and propose projects at all sorts of levels - ranging from gentle 'toe-in-the-water' and one-off food for thought sessions to help kick start thinking - through to more on-going, rostered relationships


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