New thinking

Could brands and business take a more direct role in helping women to define feminism for


Seven women talk personal style, confidence in ageing, and representation in the fashion



Diageo hopes to banish stereotypes with new diversity framework.

Using technology to highlight the phenomenon ‘Man-terupting’.

Unilever's Dove brand is launching the "No Digital Distortion Mark" to signal when an image has not been digitally altered.

Please stop trying to "empower" women with cutesy titles.

A women only private island isn't empowering - it's elitist. 

Case Study: Breaking mum: how Vauxhall and Mother redefined car marketing.


Why American Apparel’s latest campaign misses the point.

Is Nike re-evaluating its marketing model to appeal more to women?  





Are Disney princesses the final frontier in portraying and highlighting the true diversity of young women?


Do women change when they become mothers and if so are brands doing enough to help? 

Big brands need to work harder to answer millennial desire for organic health products.

'Imposter syndrome' and the toll it's taking on women in the work-place.

Women facing 10% pension pot shortfall compared to men. What can financial brands do to help?

Marketers largely shun single women without children, study finds.

Cecile Dormeau – the illustrator whose cartoons about women (joyfully) break all the rules.

Fender targets new market for guitars: Women

How do financial service brands tackle one of the biggest questions of all - how to engage more women into saving for their retirement?

Famously 'male centric' brand The North Face, pledges to show more women in its adverts. 

Latest stats reveal what older women bring to the workplace. 

Case Study: Is skewed consumer data stopping brands from marketing to women? 

BOOK REVIEW: In her new book, “A Glorious Freedom,” Lisa Congdon brings back hope, to all women who are both insulted and frustrated by the disparagement of maturity.

Are gender-diversity quotas always a good thing?

How media portrayal affects women and what Geena Davis is doing about it.

Research suggests that women are more likely to embrace technology disruptors like Amazon, discount retail and mobile shopping than men – how should brands adapt with this in mind?

The ever-changing 'ideal' of female beauty.

Casestudy: Everlane – A brand who at their core, are about marketing to real women. 

Clever robots and advanced mobile phones could make life much easier for older women - if only someone would ask and stop treating them like “old idiots.” 

Forbes talks financial sexism in the media. New research shows that 90% of financial articles aimed at women are centered around saving, whilst 70% of articles aimed at men suggested financial success is linked to personal status. 

OFCOM reports that the BBC is ignoring its older female viewers and audiences outside of London. 

Why retailers should mind the gender-gap on products and pricing.

Report finds that women are happier at work than men (despite being paid less!)

AI startup boss Jackie Hunter on upending the male culture in pharma and tech – from behaviour to method.

The 50 most influential women is sport -authentic stories about powerful women. 

A round-up of some of last years most sexist advertising.

PLH Book Club: We couldn't recommend Rachel Simmons' Curse of the Good Girl any more heartily - an excellent read. 

Recent studies suggest brighter futures for female millennial CEOs. 

Happy International Women's Day: Eight moments that make it the Year of the Woman.

Why aren't there more women in British politics?

American Apparel’s rebrand, led by female execs.

Madame President: Are female leaders better for women?

Where are all the funny women in advertising? 

The world of financial services is "aggressively masculine" and puts women off buying mortgages, pensions and investments, according to Kantar.

"The future is the older female", MIT expert says...

Which automotive brand is going to take the lead here? 

·      What 5 Chief Marketing Officers Are Doing to Change the Conversation About Gender Equality. 

What can brands do to ease the mental load of working mums?

Which brands are going to take this challenge on? Encourage girls to get active.

Let’s see more 55+ years women in advertising.

Can we kill 'mumtrepreneur' at the same time?



Learning from Asia on avoiding ‘paint it pink’ in alcohol marketing. 

De Beers catches up with the news that women can afford to buy their own diamonds.

You can’t argue with data : Geena Davis relentless in bringing issues around female representation to the fore.

Athleta doesn’t ignore older women and that’s why it’s successful.

What advice would 60 year old women give their younger selves?

Women happier as they age, is this reflected in the way they get depicted in marketing?

Time for pensions providers to find better ways of engaging women.

The ever-changing business of anti-ageing. The New York Times celebrates ageing.

Women in the UK,will spend £1.1 billion on video games in the next 12 months. Does the gaming industry reflect this? 

As the responsibility of managing family wealth, falls to more women, how can we ensure they are informed and supported?

Is it time to reclaim the colour PINK? 

Dove's latest body wash bottles campaign, shows how using feminism to sell products can sometimes backfire.

Three-quarters of women feel they're gender stereotyped in ads. A new study into the representation of women in ads reveals the UK population is blighted by unrealistic stereotypes in the media. Three-quarters (77%) of women claimed they find the way women are generally portrayed in advertising to be stereotypical. Around two-thirds (65%) of men agreed.

Life begins the women launching start-ups in their 50s.

Do women in leadership roles make for better-run companies?

The number of women in market to buy a car has been on a consistent and steady rise. Women are very often the top influencer or key decision-maker in a household, so understanding their priority set is the key point of entry for automotive marketers.

PLH Read: We think The Whole Brain Business Book By Ned Herrmann is a great read. In it, he presents his four-quadrant model of the brain and the corresponding thinking styles: logician, organizer, communicator, and visionary. Most people and organizations, he demonstrates, are stuck in a "brain rut" because their work is dominated by just one mode. Through highly practical explorations and exercises, he shows individuals and organizations how to harness the power of the whole brain.

PLH Read: We are fans of  Deborah Tannen’s book  - Talking from 9 to 5. She explores powerful new ways of understanding what happens in the workplace, ranging from the simplest exchanges to the complex contemporary issues of the glass ceiling and sexual harassment. 

The Economist has published its fifth annual “glass-ceiling index”. It combines data on higher education, workforce participation, pay, child-care costs, maternity and paternity rights,business-school applications and representation in senior jobs into a single measure of where women have the best—and worst—chances of equal treatment in the workplace.
Each country’s score is a weighted average of its performance on ten indicators. 

Interested to see how brands respond to the new Advertising Standards Authority rules on gender stereotypes in ads.  

In the emerging world of influencer marketing, women tend to hold more sway then their male counterparts. New research shows that 68% of social media influencers are female, in contrast to just under 45% of UK journalists being female.  


PLH Read: Popular media present a vast array of stories about women and men. What impact do these images and ideas have on our identity? David Gauntlett’s book Media, Gender and Identity is a brilliant read.



“Attitudes to older people in this country are out of date.” An interesting read about the women building their own retirement community from scratch, run by its residents, with the aim to support each other through old-age.



New research shows that women account for 85% of overall consumer spending to the tune of $7 trillion, in the United States alone.

To understand the impact of online and offline marketing channels in their purchasing decisions, Fluent have polled 1,443 American women. 

Their latest report shares their results and offers some insights on engagement and uptake across different age groups.

This months general election saw more than 200 women elected to the House of Commons, easily surpassing the 191 women elected in the last contest in 2015 and ranking the U.K 46th worldwide for female representation. 
Whilst women are now holding about 30% of the seats in the House of Commons, what can be learnt from our European sister nations - Iceland and Sweden whose legislative bodies are closer to gender parity?

PLH Recommend: The BBC Women's Hour team and Aline Santos discuss how women have historically been portrayed in adverts, up to the present day.

When gender roles are in flux, brands should design for gender differences.

On Thursday, Unilever's Dove introduced an update to its "Real Beauty" campaign with new ads for social and outdoor that showcase 32 women, aged 11-71, from 15 countries around the world, including Brazil, India, China and the Philippines.

Thirty portraits of diverse women shot by fashion photographer Mario Testino attempt to capture a fresh perspective on the idea that all women are beautiful. 

"In 2017, the beauty landscape is wildly different to what it was when we launched the Dove campaign for real beauty," she said in an email. "The Dove ‘Real Beauty’ pledge, and the Mario Testino photographs inspired by the pledge are the next step in our mission and commitment to women everywhere."

Sports England has released the second instalment of the 'This Girl Can' campaign. With a singular aim, to empower yet more women to overcome judgement and take up exercise with a new campaign featuring the work of iconic poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou. 

The campaign, which to date, is estimated to have encouraged 2.8 million women to become more active, stays true to the original formula while incorporating new insights and messages.

The new film for the campaign features a soundtrack playing alongside a narrative of Maya Angelou’s 1978 poem ‘Phenomenal Woman’ as read by the famous US poet who passed away in 2014.

Click into the link to watch the (quite frankly) brilliant film.

EVENT UPDATE: We are really looking forward to joining the YMS London panel next month, debating the rise of female powerhouse role models and the effect this is having on young women today.  

We've contributed to the YMS blog about the impacts of female stereotyping in advertising on women. 

Click the paperclip icon above if you'd like to check it out.

We've come across The Girl's Lounge...part of The Female Quotient, the firm which aims to advance workplace equality.

The Lounge's, which appear at major global conferences charge men $1 for a bar of chocolate, while women pay 79 cents - to highlight the gender pay gap. 
While the initial aim was to provide a space for women to feel less isolated at male dominated business events, the Girls' Lounge now hosts serious talks on addressing inequality and has attracted some heavyweight commercial partners including Unilever and Google. 

Worth checking out...

Did you know that 83% of purchasers are female? Gloria Moss and her brilliant book Why Men Like Straight Lines and Women Like Polka Dots,  bring you cutting edge information on how design and marketing preferences can be optimised for women. We've selected a recording of Gloria talking about her research at a JUMP event. 

Pretty Little Head, has always been a big fan of the Sports England "This Girl Can" campaigns. 

Their latest print offering, works to target increased sports participation by women in their 50s and 60s - inspiring women to remember the benefits of exercise.


In the wake of the global Women's March, we've contributed to an article in Campaign magazine today, discussing the role of social media and how it has positively impacted the rise of progressive brand campaigns, giving a voice to women's power.

2017 TALK UPDATE: Pretty Little Head are speaking at The Kit Cat club on Monday 16th January about How (not) to advertise to women, looking forward to seeing those that are coming. 

For those not able to join, plenty of other speaking dates to be announced later in the year.

Just 19% of serial entrepreneurs are women and business investment is controlled largely by men – but things are changing. Emma Featherstone explores the world of female entrepreneurs and the landscape of the business world they are helping to shape.

Seeing pink! As we think about improving our fitness this Jan,  The New Statesman questions the genderfication of women's sporting goods - why is it all still so pink? 

Inspiring National Geographic issue 'Gender Revolution', confronting, debating & shining a light on a range of important stories.

The relatable drawings shared by a new wave of female illustrators capture the very essence of what it means to exist as a woman today. They depict the grave challenges facing us – career frustration, the pay gap, motherhood, the growing pressures of social media.

Big fans of Rebecca Traister's All The Single Ladies, exploring the 21st century phenomenon of the unmarried woman. Check it out here.

Wonder Woman announced as UN ambassador amid staff protest

Women actually do govern differently.

Hollywood has awoken to female representation: when will adland follow? By Jane Cunningham & Philippa Roberts

How Unilever’s ‘unstereotype’ crusade is helping grow its brands

Stereotype threat.

Here Are the Winners of the Second Annual #Femvertising Awards Under Armour, Pantene among those announced at Advertising Week By Kristina Monllos

Feminists today are too obsessed with their own elite, metropolitan lives

What brands should know about the new woman consumer

The Invention of Female Adulthood

The Female Economy

How Men & Women See the Workplace Differently


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