We specialise in developing and running research projects in a way that unearths and brings to the fore the things that matter most to women. So whilst each and every research project we conduct is especially designed to the task, we do have a set of principles  that underline all our methodologies.

Principle One

Women respond best to shared objectives and being ‘in’ on the problem. Research discussions are most enlightening when women are encouraged to propose answers not just express opinion.

Principle Two

The sensory and the aesthetic often play a primary role in female decision making and must always be brought to the fore in discussions

Principle Three

Women often make sense of information or a situation by reading between the lines. Research discussions need to explore what is being implicitly not just explicitly communicated.

Principle Four

‘Tending and Befriending’ is a very important dimension in female discussion. We encourage pairs of friends in our respondents, which, in turn, encourages greater disclosure.

Principle Five

Women make decisions based on a combination of inputs: the sensory, the emotional, and the sub-textual with a strong emphasis on dimensions concerned with people. We have a set of projection techniques and materials designed to bring these dimensions to the fore.

Principle Six

It’s critical to reflect the significant differences between female life-stages and the impact they have on brand choice in sample structure. Sensitivity to the differences between women as much as the differences between women and men will lead to newer, more exciting answers.


Applying Our Thinking