We bring to the table a deep knowledge of the female audience and how to connect more powerfully with them. All our consultancy and workshop projects are put together as tailored answers to a particular brief and range from one-off immersion sessions through to long-term re-positioning and product development programmes. However, our decade long research study has allowed us to develop a series of tools, processes and methods that codify our understanding of women, and which we can employ to help businesses who want to get better at understanding them too.

Brand Composition

This is a model for looking at female brand composition and behaviour based on four components that we know are disproportionately important to women in their purchase preferences; altruism, connecting, ordering and aesthetics.

Customer Experience

There are a number of points in the typical customer journey that matter more to women and where focus and development therefore has a disproportionate impact. We have defined these in a model ‘the customer experience star’

Sales and Service Model

Our work across many categories has highlighted the particular importance of five characteristics in developing service that women connect strongly with....

Corporate Culture

Much of our work focuses on the development of organisational culture and how businesses can become more attuned and adept at connecting with women as an internal as well as an external audience.

Connecting with women in masculine companies and categories

As women fast become primary decision makers in categories that historically prioritised men – automotive, technology, financial services, alcoholic beverages, telecoms, DIY, consumer electronics – progressive organisations are increasingly looking to develop brands and propositions that speak convincingly to both audiences. For these organisations, we have a step-by- step ’tool box’ of models to help with the task.

Communications that connect

The last ten years have seen huge developments in communications to women – from the brilliance of Boots and Dove through to the recent Femvertising trend. This model codifies a number of key approaches and principles for developing communications campaigns that encourage connection.


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